Beyond Enemy Lines: Covert Operations is firing onto Nintendo Switch on 23rd April, it has been confirmed. That means we have just one week to go to check it out for ourselves.

We first mentioned this one just a couple of months ago, with its tactical twist on the shooter genre leaving us feeling rather intrigued. The game is a port of 2017's Beyond Enemy Lines which released on PC, and is a single-player shooter developed in Unreal Engine 4 by a one-man team.

The Switch version offers eight missions in what is said to be a "challenging" single-player campaign. The gameplay has been adapted with Switch in mind, and each mission is open-ended with "countless varieties of solutions for every situation". We shared this with you last time, but here's another look at the game's feature list:

- 8 Mission long Story Campaign with ~10h playtime
- Adapted gameplay especially for Nintendo Switch
- 100% Freedom - You chose the tactics
- 100% Hardcore - Challenge your skill
-Ported inhouse by Polygon Art

Beyond Enemy Lines: Covert Operations will launch on Switch on 23rd for $13.99 / 13,99€.

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