Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Twitch Plays Pokémon is an internet phenomenon where live stream viewers are able to input commands into a chat box and play through entire Pokemon games together. Although it might seem like yesterday, this social experiment actually started out in 2014. Since then, there have been countless Twitch Plays Pokémon live-streams.

As viewers are now a lot more familiar with the concept, GBAtemp user Sasori has decided to mix it up with the release of Twitch Plays Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The challenge is to play through the World of Light while unlocking all of the characters. Right now, it's early days, so as you can imagine, there are a lot of defeats. Here's a bit more about it from the creator:

After a few months of hiatus I've finally finished working on my next project! As you can tell from the title it is another Twitch Plays style of channel, as I wanted to see just how well a bunch of random players could work together to complete the World of Light and maybe even unlock all of the Characters in the newest SSB game!

It's been going on now for about 24 hours, and we've only made it a few battles in on the WoL but I'm still amazed to see players adapting and learning how to work around the challenge that a channel of this nature poses onto them to make progress.

Do you think the internet can unlock every character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and complete the World of Light mode? Tell us down below and participate here.