Japanese designer, Goichi Suda – perhaps better known as Suda51 – has suggested that an extended version of his cult classic Killer7 could eventually release for consoles.

Grasshopper’s visually-striking action adventure game was originally released for Nintendo GameCube in 2005. Capcom holds publishing rights for the title, but Suda-san – speaking exclusively to Nintendo Life –says the company’s producer has “promised” to one day collaborate on an extended version of the game:

I had a very interesting conversation recently with the producer at Capcom, [Hiroyuki] Kobayashi-san and we promised each other that we will make a completed version of Killer7 in the future. Only one third of my original script was used for the game, so there was 60% not used at all.

So the complete version will cover all of my script. It’s not 100% going to happen of course, but maybe in the future we’ll be able to deliver the complete version of Killer7. I’ll do it before I retire!

Killer7 was remastered for PC last year, but modern consoles are yet to experience the same love from publisher Capcom – despite its creator saying he'd love to bring it to Switch.

Suda again stressed that any potential console port is firmly down to Capcom, but added:

I want to be involved in the process. It may take a bit of time, but it’s definitely one of my goals.

Do you remember playing this on GameCube? Would you be interested in a port for Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below.