Infamous Rapper DeAndre "Soulja Boy" Cortez Way has a rather complex relationship with Nintendo right now. He stuck his name on a selection of rather questionable games consoles from the Far East which (seemingly) landed him in hot water with Nintendo of America – so much so that he even claimed that the resultant fallout is what caused Reggie to retire. Guffaw!

Now, Soulja Boy is back with a short track which samples music from The Legend of Zelda. The response has been predictably frosty from Nintendo fans, with many pointing out that Soulja Boy doesn't appear to be aware that Link is the character you play as, and Zelda is simply the name of the series (as well as the Princess you're often called to save). While we're not sure Soulja Boy is that ignorant of the franchises' finer details, but less forgivable is that he refers to Rupees as 'Green Diamonds' in the song. Tut tut.

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We've not embedded the song as it contains some foul language, so click here at your own risk. Needless to say, the main Zelda theme is responsible for the track being even slightly tolerable, so we can't imagine Nintendo will be pleased.