One of the weirder stories to pop up during 2018 was the recent Soulja Boy saga, in which the rapper decided to try his hand at flogging knock-off game consoles which came pre-loaded with hundreds of unlicensed ROMs. Originally, this business venture comprised of just two different machines, but this soon expanded to include the 'SouljaBoy Mini' - a remodelling of an already-existing Game Boy clone.

Well, you may be surprised (or not surprised at all) to learn that Soulja Boy has now taken down all product pages for the consoles. Not much has been said on the matter in any official capacity, but the rapper's tweet below suggests that some form of legal action has likely taken place. Nintendo has always been incredibly protective of its IP, and several other game publishers would also have been affected by Soulja Boy's products; it's easy to imagine that at least one company would step forward and take action.

In an interesting turn of events, though, a website under the name 'SouljaGame' now redirects visitors to Nintendo's very own 3DS store. You can try it for yourself - simply visit and enjoy looking through some great 3DS and 2DS bundles. Whether this site was originally registered by Soulja Boy or just a trolling stranger is currently unclear, but it does provide us with a rather comical end to the story nonetheless.

And so, the moral of the story here is that stealing other people's work and selling it off as your own to make a profit is rather frowned upon. Who knew?