Nintendo is known for taking risks, experimenting and generally doing things differently, but this latest effort by its American branch is another level. The company appears to have jumped on the ASMR trend currently taking YouTube by storm, by uploading a special video marketing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Although the clip only runs for about a minute and a half, Nintendo recommends you use headphones for the optimal listening experience. The video itself depicts a climber making their way to the top of a mountain in real life and then taking a break to play Breath of the Wild. It highlights everything you would expect from an ASMR video and at the same time promotes the portable nature of the Switch. Below is Nintendo’s official description:

We all have our favourite gaming spots at home. But if you’re up for an adventure, don’t forget there’s a whole world of sights and sounds out there to discover. How do you play Nintendo Switch?

If you haven't heard about ASMR before, it's an abbreviation for autonomous sensory meridian response and by definition is characterised by a static or tingling sensation on the skin. ASMR videos on YouTube are designed to relax listeners with gentle, soothing and satisfying sounds.

How do you feel about Nintendo marketing its games like this? Do you listen to ASMR videos on a regular basis? Tell us in the comments.