Hollow Knight

Last week, we shared the rather exciting news that Hollow Knight will be released in a special Collector's Edition with all sorts of goodies thrown in. Exclusive to North American site, Fangamer, the bundle suggested that a Europe-specific release may well have been out of the question, but a new listing on Amazon says otherwise.

Amazon Spain has a physical copy of the game available to pre-order as we speak, available for £29.99. Interestingly, the product image still features Fangamer's logo at the bottom of the game's case, but also has Europe's PEGI rating system as opposed to North America's ESRB; if you're desperate for European box art, this could well be your answer.


It's worth noting that this release won't come with all the fancy extras included in the Fangamer edition, although it does have a manual, a Hallownest map, and a reversible cover. If you're not fussed about having the European box art, Fangamer does actually ship worldwide, so there's nothing really stopping you from simply importing a copy anyway.

Will you be picking up either of these physical Hollow Knight releases? Are you a big fan of the game? Tell us below.

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