The news that Resident Evil HD Remaster, Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 4 are all coming to Switch was met with a positive response recently, even if Capcom has made the whole purchasing approach totally and utterly confusing. While North American players can get the HD Remaster and Zero in a lovely box, Resident Evil 4 is download-only, and European Switch owners only have digital options. Still, these are three fine video games irrespective of how they are delivered, and to be able to play them on Switch is great.

However, it would seem that Capcom is very much in favour of the infamous 'Switch Tax' as it has priced all three games at £29.99 each in the UK, and $29.99 each in North America. So if you want the trio, you're looking at an investment of £90 / $90 – compared to the £40 currently being asked for a triple-pack of the same three games on PS4 and Xbox One in the UK (the games are also available individually on those consoles for around £16).

That's one heck of a price hike, and quite hard to swallow when you consider these are digital games and not physical releases. Sure, the Switch versions will offer portable play which is a bonus, but outside of that, they're the same games that PS4 and Xbox One owners have been playing for ages – so why do they cost so much more?

Will this price point impact your purchasing choice? Let us know with a comment below.