Dizzy fans rejoice! In what seems like an unending trove of unreleased software that Philip and Andrew Oliver have found down the back of their sofa, Panic! Dizzy is the latest in a line of rediscovered Dizzy titles seeking crowdfunding. The game will be free to play on their website, but the pair are kickstarting the production of NES cartridges just as they have for Wonderland Dizzy, Dreamworld Pogie and Mystery World Dizzy.

According to their blurb:

This game was written, by Philip and Andrew, in the autumn of 1992 in just 64KB using PCs with PDS boards cabled to NES consoles.

Unfortunately Panic! Dizzy wasn’t released by Codemasters at the time and was moth-balled. It was only recently rediscovered and restored by Dizzy fan Lukasz Kur for this very Kickstarter Campaign.

The game features five different puzzle modes - Four Suits, Match More, Dizzy Dice, Perfect Path and Picture Perfect - each with two-player support. A couple of them bear a passing resemblance to Data East's Magical Drop - you can find more details on the Kickstarter page. They're close to reaching their £13,500 goal, so it seems this will become a reality. It's unthinkable today that a developer could possibly create a game and promptly forget all about it - how times have changed.

Is your head spinning with all these unearthed Dizzy games? Reckon the Oliver twins have anything else pugged away in a bottom drawer somewhere? Let slip your Dizzy fandom in the comments below.