Gaming accessory maker Hori has revealed the Fighting Stick Mini for Nintendo Switch, a portable control option that looks ideal for your classic beat 'em up needs.

Said to fit comfortably in your hands, this new release scraps the standard Joy-Con and Pro Controller button layout to provide you with that authentic arcade feel. Each of the Switch's usual buttons are mapped to the eight buttons on the front of the unit, with the joystick working exactly as you'd expect. You can see it up-close in the images below.

It's scheduled to release in Japan this April (pre-orders are now being accepted at Amazon Japan with worldwide shipping) and seems to be a re-branded version of the PS4 Fighting Stick Mini. Both of these products are officially licensed by Nintendo and Sony respectively, so you should be able to expect a high level of quality from both.

It also serves as a miniature version of the previously released Hori Real Arcade Pro, a more expensive and considerably larger option for the most eager of fighting fans. Naturally, this option is a premium version of the product - and has reviewed well amongst buyers on Amazon - but it'll cost you considerably more. The Mini version above costs just over £35, whereas the Pro is available for £113.23.


With the Switch's great library of fighters - Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Pokkén Tournament DX, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to name just a few - one of these could be a nice little investment.

Are you a keen fighting game fan? Do you like to use traditional fighting stick setups? Let us know in the comments.

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