Shawn Layden
Image: VideoGamer

Yesterday, we heard how Sony Interactive Entertainment Chairman Shawn Layden sat down with Game Informer and sent some praise in the direction of the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X and even tablets and smartphones - stating how there are great gaming experiences across all of these platforms and explaining how each of these systems are tied to the same community.

To follow up these comments, Layden has acknowledged Nintendo for a second time at this year's DICE Summit, currently taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. While discussing this year's theme - which aims to highlight industry trailblazers, Layden said to "never underestimate Nintendo" and admit everyone within the video game industry was "better for their efforts."

It's a rarity to see Sony acknowledge the competition like this, especially when considering the current cross-play debacle. In fairness, we're beginning to see some changes in this area, with full cross-platform play now available in games such as Rocket League.

What do you make of Shawn's comments about Nintendo? Do you think the video game industry and gamers, in general, should be more thankful for Nintendo's efforts? Tell us in the comments.