Shakedown Hawaii IMG
Image: Brian Provinciano

Brian Provinciano from Vblank Entertainment recently appeared on Electric Playground Live to demo and talk about his upcoming multi-platform release, Shakedown Hawaii.

One of the more interesting parts was when he was asked if it would be possible to run the "open-world comedy" on the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis (Mega Drive). This was his reply:

“To be honest, I would love after this game is done to go back and do something like that, I love tinkering with old hardware.”

Admittedly, he would be unable to port this game itself to a retro system, but would “love” to build a top-down action game on old school video game hardware.

In saying this, Provinciano did mention how he managed to get his previous release Retro City Rampage up and running on the Game Boy Advance:

“I actually did get RCR running on the Game Boy Advance and so that was really fun, I haven’t really unveiled it too much, but it was just a hobby… I’d say it’s 85 percent done, there are a few frame rate hiccups.”

When encouraged to actually release it, Provinciano said he would like to get permission to do it officially. It’s also worth pointing out how he worked on a NES prototype for Retro City Rampage way back in 2013.

To hear and see more about Provinciano’s latest Switch and 3DS-bound release, though, take a look at the below video which runs for over an hour:

Shakedown Hawaii is due out at some point this Spring. Tell us below if you're looking forward to playing it and if you've also experienced Vblank's previous release.

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