Mortal Kombat 11's release date is fast approaching, even with the confusion over what that date actually is in some areas, and the game's roster is slowly but surely starting to take shape. It seems that we may now know several more fighters set to be announced thanks to a potential leak. Consider this your spoiler warning.

The potential roster discovery comes from a list of Steam achievements which has been made available online. The list shows a collection of achievements which require the player to use certain characters, and each one has a three-letter string of characters at the end of its name. You can see it for yourself below.


Assuming that 'BAR' is for Baraka, 'DVO' is for D'Vorah and so on, it's pretty safe to assume that the three letters for each listing are the first three letters in other characters' names. The listing has been subject to discussion over at Resetera, with user bluexy sharing the following predictions:

Err - Erron Black
Kun - Kung Lao
Cas - Cassie Cage
Jad - Jade
Cet - ?
Fro - Frost
Kot - Kotal Kahn
Jac - Jacqui (Chance of Jackson "Jax")
Ter - ? Nimbus Terrafaux
Kol - ?

Of course, none of this is official, so make sure to wait to hear confirmation before believing any of this to be true, but we'd certainly be willing to place a bet on at least some of the characters mentioned above appearing. And no, Shaggy isn't listed.

Do you think this sounds about right? Any characters there that you would, or wouldn't have expected to appear in the game? Let us know in the comments.

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