We're as partial as the next gamer to quality video game merch, however needless or useless it may be. Make a cool, smaller version of some retro hardware and we'll snap it up, as the growing collection of mini consoles around the Nintendo Life offices attests. We're also not averse to tiny rubber versions on key chains.

SNK reckons there's a gap at the other end of the market, though. "Let's a make a big mini" said somebody in an office somewhere, "and let's make it a plush." It seems nobody told this person to stop being silly, so say hello to the snappily-named 'NEO GEO Mini BIG Plush Doll'.


The lovely folks over at Tiny Cartridge report that not only is the stitching quite lovely, but this beast even has a little sleeve on the back you can tuck your arm into when you want get some kip. The stick also detaches with what looks like velcro beneath.


Impractical? Yes. Adorable? Certainly. Affordable? Not really. At 22,500 yen (just over £150), there are cheaper ways to catch forty winks, but since when has novelty video game merchandise been 'affordable' or 'useful', eh? Rakuten is ready and waiting to take your pre-order money.


Got space for one of these in your home? Any other gaming hardware you think might be more practical or comfortable in plush form? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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