For nearly two years now players everywhere have been picking and poking at the seams of the incredible world Nintendo built for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Sure, we've all come across the odd treasure chest that won't open or seen moblins clipping into level geometry but, on the whole, it's remarkably solid and glitch-free, especially up against comparable open worlds in other games.

That's not to say there haven't been some hilarious glitches discovered over the last couple of years, though. As detailed by Gaming Reinvented, the latest one messes with multiple elements in the world.

Known as the 'World/Reality Overload glitch', it works by escaping the final boss battle and constantly entering and exiting Hyrule Castle. There's a whole list of instructions to follow that the average player would never consider during regular gameplay, but after a while everything begins to get a little strange. Check out the results in this video:

From disappearing towers to bottomless pits which suddenly have bottoms, the game seems to have trouble loading certain elements from memory. This glitch also allows you to enter Gerudo Town in any clothes you wish.

The exact cause of the bug is unknown at the moment, but the effects are certainly entertaining. We're particular fans of buzz-cut Link's disembodied head floating on the menu screen.


Although it doesn't appear to damage your save file, we wouldn't recommend trying this unless you're prepared to lose all your items or progress. Still, if you've squeezed every single drop of enjoyment from Breath of the Wild, it seems there's always something new to discover if you keep looking. Gaming Reinvented has a detailed breakdown - check it out for more Hylian weirdness.

Have you come across anything like this in the course of your adventure? Let us know the strangest glitch you've encountered below.