Around a month ago we reported on Monster Crown, a heavily Pokémon-inspired Kickstarter project that places an emphasis on the breeding element of your monster-taming adventure. Since then, the crowdfunding campaign has gone on to be a huge success, already generating $35,000 more than its original target.

The game's developer Studio Aurum has kindly shared some juicy new info with us, including an exclusive reveal of one of the monsters coming to the title. In Monster Crown there are several Wandering Tamers, each with their own specific flagship monster. Many of them have unique, "family monsters" that are not available in the wild and, to add these to your collection, you'll have to impress them first. You can check out one such pairing below.


"Ivan and his Salalisk are an odd-looking pair, but the teenage boy and his monster are inseparable. Having found an egg when he was a small child, his parents threw the egg into the fireplace to dispose of it - only for it to hatch into a strange monster. Ivan has grown alongside the monster for as long as he can remember, and often Salalisk has been his only comfort in a home with his strict and often neglectful parents."

You'll encounter these pairings roaming the roads, mountains and forest of Crown Island, and each Tamer has a special backstory and relationship with their monster.

"Mistreating boy and beast alike, [Ivan's parents] believed the monster would grow up bloodthirsty and that their child was a fool for trusting a wild creature. After an argument in which Ivan’s parents threatened physical punishment, Salalisk lashed out to protect the boy - and soon after, the odd pair ran from home, never looking back. Though it can be tough out in the wild, together the shy but stubborn Ivan and the slithery, stalking Salalisk survive with each other’s help and respect."

As you explore the game, you may well end up coming across these Wandering Tamers time and time again, getting to know them as their team grows in strength with time. It certainly seems like Monster Crown has an awful lot of content to explore, both gameplay-wise and through story setting and lore. At the time of writing, the crowdfunding campaign has just under 24 hours left to go so make sure to pledge quickly if you want to support the project.

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