Ah, the Blue Shell. As is to be expected, Mario Kart's very own rage-inducing spiky ball of doom, destruction, and relationship breakdowns has claimed yet another victim and, this time, it's even ruined a world record speedrun attempt.

Speedrunner Skilloz_ was aiming for a 200cc Star Cup world record in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, streaming his efforts on Twitch for all to see while barreling down the snowy hills of Mount Wario. The run was going well - really well, in fact - until some pesky CPU decided to lob a Blue Shell at our poor star. He notices the blue shell on the minimap, even daring to say "I think we can outrun it", before getting blasted to smithereens right on the finish line. As always.

You can see the action unfold for yourself below; Skilloz_ explains that the Blue Shell could probably have been avoided if he had managed to pull off a proper boost towards the end. Where's that heavenly Super Horn when you need one, huh? (Skip to around the 24:25 mark).

You'll be pleased to know that, despite the hiccup at the end, the run was still a personal best for Skilloz_, leaving him just a single second behind the world record he was going for. We're sure he'll smash it in no time.

Feel free to share your utter disgust at the Blue Shell in the comments below. It makes us angry just thinking about it.