Wargroove might have suffered a slight delay at the end of last year, but it doesn't seem to have impacted the game's sales now that it is finally available. In the same blog post where a representative of Chucklefish spoke about the future of the multi-platform release, it was revealed launch weekend sales had already covered the cost of development:

"First of all, I want to say how humbled and thankful we all are here at Chucklefish for the incredible launch weekend. It’s truly been amazing, we’ve already covered the cost of development and are throwing ourselves into improving the game further."

We're guessing a fair amount of sales have been on the Switch eShop. Given how it's heavily inspired by Advance Wars, the game feels right at home on Nintendo's hybrid system. Of course, it's not limited to this platform and also includes cross-play with users on Xbox One and PC.

Hopefully, we'll get some stats in the future revealing which platform has sold the most copies of the game. For now, though, we're just happy to hear this title has been so well received. Congratulations to the talented team at Chucklefish!

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