The Marvelous developed action RPG God Eater 3 was released in Japan at the end of last year on PlayStation 4 and PC. Since then, fans of the Bandai Namco published series have been wondering if the latest title will be making the Switch anytime soon, as past entries have been closely associated with portable devices.

During an interview with IGN Japan, God Eater producer Yusuke Tomizawa was asked about the possibility of a Switch port. This was the reply:

“After the announcement, we heard a lot of people saying that they wanted God Eater on portable systems. As I mentioned earlier, God Eater 3 exists on the PS4/PC in the way that it does because we prioritized brushing up the quality. I feel like it’s necessary for us to listen to what the users have to say, including those on the Nintendo Switch.”

God Eater 3 Producer Yuya Tomiyama provided a bit more clarity, saying how the team was aware people wanted to play the game on the go:

“There are plenty of people who can’t use their TVs to play games when they’re at home, and we consistently have requests from those people come in. So, we’re cognizant of it to be sure.”

With Sony not interested in re-entering the portable market anytime soon, you would think the Switch is the prime candidate to host a future portable God Eater game. Bandai Namco has also had tremendous success on Nintendo's hybrid device so far, with games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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