Badman Needs Shaving

Yesterday, an update found its way to Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, extending the game's intro to showcase exactly how Badman found out Travis was hiding out in Texas. If you want to experience the shocking revelation for yourself, this is your last chance to stop yourselves from being spoiled by our analysis. Just update the game and fire up your Death Mark II console.

Still with us? Happy to be spoiled? In the name of Harman, hit that play button below.

At first, the voice was familiar, but we could not quite place it. Eventually, the revolver made us connect the dots and finally, the grand reveal: Dan Smith! Fifteen odd years after the original release of Killer7, Michael Gough is back to voice "the Hellion" and forever merge both games in a common canon. For years, Suda51 fans have been asking a sequel to both No More Heroes and Killer7. Due to this shocking development, a single game combining both universes might just pull the trick. Moe indeed!

Did you see this one coming? Do you think this small cameo increases the chances of a Killer7 remastered port coming to the Switch? Master, write your thoughts in the comments section.