Dragon: Marked For Death may be about to launch as a Nintendo Switch exclusive at the end of this month, but recent findings have revealed that the game's development actually dates back as far as ten years, with the title originally being destined for Sony's PSP.

The news comes from this tweet shared by Inti Creates president Takuya Aizu, in which he reveals that he recently discovered some old drafts for the game while searching for potential promo material. The draft includes the date 18th August 2008, with specific instructions for use with the PSP system.

According to Siliconera, the game was being developed as a multiplayer title which aimed to target an audience of office workers in their 20s who don't have as much free time to play during the day. It was described as a Mario-like 2D side-scroller, with action, mysteries, and character growth all featured; a four-player co-op mode would allow players to take control of their own characters.

Prior to its reveal for Switch, the game was also reportedly planned for Nintendo 3DS as an online experience. It might have had a long, interesting journey, but the wait to finally play the game is growing shorter by the day - it releases on Nintendo Switch on 31st January. A physical release is also scheduled to launch in February.

In case you've missed it, we'll leave you with one of the game's Switch trailers to show you what it's all about.

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