Update: It has been confirmed that the image in question comes from a book published by Kadokawa/Media Factory. While this publisher does release official Nintendo works, the particular book in question is not an officially licensed release and instead depicts the author's imagination of how Kirby might look.

Original Article: Oh Kirby, you wonderful blob of joy. From his own cute and colourful adventures to his hammer-swinging, face-bopping antics in Super Smash Bros., Kirby has been melting our hearts for years. With his fetching pink colouring and ridiculously-sized feet, and even his super-squishy, jelly-like, wibbly-wobbly ways, Kirby is the absolute epitome of family-friendly fun.

Now, take a moment to read that sentence back for just a moment ("super-squishy, jelly-like, wibbly-wobbly ways") as we reveal that everything you've known up until this point is a lie. That's right, folks, Kirby has a skeleton - an actual, full-on skeleton - and now we don't know what to do with ourselves.

The image has reportedly been taken from a Japanese artbook and has been circulating online today, presumably disturbing anyone who sets eyes on it. As you can see, Kirby also has a brain (which we'll accept) but we have to question how he can possibly distort into all sorts of shapes - while transforming into bricks and generating an endless supply of hats out of thin air, no less - with such a rigid inner frame. We were convinced he was made up of at least 98% jelly.

Also, his toes actually look like little claws - if Kirby really does have a skeleton like this, we can only assume that Sakurai-san gave him shoes so that he wouldn't terrify the children who would go on to play his games later on? Chilling.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts on this in the comments below. Also, we're sorry.

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