Yet another glitch has been discovered in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch, this time giving King K. Rool a much larger-than-usual crown to batter his opponents with.

As always with these glitches, you need to meet a very specific set of requirements to make it trigger. For this one, you'll need to go into a match with just King K. Rool and Yoshi. Start off by throwing K. Rool's crown away, before having Yoshi gobble him up to make a nice Kremling egg. If you get the timing just right, K. Rool won't be able to catch his crown and, for some reason, it suddenly expands.

You can see it happen in the video below; Yoshi actually manages to give K. Rool a satisfying whack with it while both players stand around momentarily confused.

There's a bit of a knack to it, though; this second video shows how it can be quite tricky to time things just right.

So, we've now seen the Isabelle and Villager game breaker, the infinite Waluigi glitch, an entire compilation video, the super-sized Pikmin glitch, and now this. We'd expect this K. Rool glitch, at the very least, to be patched out pretty soon - it's unclear whether the crown's hitbox also grows alongside the visual, but if it does, the competitive scene could get messy.

Have you tried any of these glitches out for yourself? Do you think many more will be discovered? Share your thoughts with us below.