Fighterz Leak (1)

As previously teased, Bandai Namco was going to officially announce the second season of new fighters coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ at today's championship finals. However, the trailer with this updated content accidentally premiered before the official announcement, taking everyone by surprise.

Jiren (the worst kept secret) will join Videl (along with Son Gohan in his Great Saiyaman persona) on January 31st, just a few days away.

Fighterz Leak (2)

There are four other character slots in the trailer, with the final two also revealed as Broly (in his latest movie version) and SSGSS Gogeta, both 'coming soon'.

Fighterz Leak (3)

At the time of writing no pricing details have been revealed, so keep an eye out for an update to this post.

Do these new fighters tickle your fancy? Will these make you go back to one of Switch's finest fighting games form last year? Whom do you think will show up in those two last slots? Drops us a line with your thoughts in the comments section below.

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