If you keep tabs on the competition, you will have no doubt have heard about the PlayStation Classic. Following Nintendo's success with NES and SNES Classic systems, Sony decided to release a miniature version of its own legacy hardware.

Unfortunately, this particular system hasn't lived up to expectations, with an underwhelming library of games due to licensing issues and some odd design choices. If that wasn't enough, tech experts have found a lot of the games are the slower PAL versions and a list of far more exciting games that aren't actually on the system have even been referenced in the source code. It's safe to say, the system's release has done more harm than good at this point.

If that wasn't already enough, a video by YouTube channel 8 Bit Flashback has now uploaded the above video of a hacked SNES Classic Mini running PSX games and doing a much better job at it than the PlayStation Classic. On paper, the PS Classic should be the more powerful system, but with the specific game tested - Ridge Racer Type 4 - this is not the case.

The SNES Classic is running the PCSX ReARMed emulator with Retroarch, which is the same one as the PS Classic, except without Retroarch. The video notes how Ridge Racer was one of the worst games to play on the PS Classic. On the SNES, though, a number of aspects of the game are improved - including the controls. The SNES controller actually does a better job steering than Sony's original pad does. 8 Bit Flashback even got Tekken 3 running on the SNES Classic, but admittedly had some issues with the sound.

The summary is, Sony designed a system that can "barely" play its own games. In contrast, the SNES Classic is packing additional power to ensure it can handle its own collection of games.

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