When it comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there are plenty of perfectly acceptable control methods. Using just a Wii Nunchuk is absolutely not one of them.

We're a funny bunch here at Nintendo Life, so once the idea of using a single Nunchuk to play the game popped into our simple little heads, there was absolutely no going back. Why settle for using a Pro Controller or even the classic GameCube controller when you can do this? And why not jump online to try it out, even though it was almost inevitable that we'd lose spectacularly?

Our video overlord and all round nice chap Alex decided to do the honours, hooking up a standard Wii Remote Nunchuk accessory to the Switch using 8BitDo's GBros. Adapter. You can see the shenanigans take place in the video above - we're actually pretty impressed with how he managed to get on.

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