Radiant Silvergun Img

The iconic Japanese developer Treasure might be bringing another shoot 'em up game to the Nintendo Switch eShop in the near future. Based on a Twitter reply to a fan last month, Radiant Silvergun has been in consideration for the Switch for some time now. Here's how it all unfolded in tweet form:

Radiant Silvergun was released in the arcade in 1998 and was ported across to the Sega Saturn not long after. It's considered to be one of the greatest shmup and Sega Saturn releases of all-time. Like all good games from this genre, you must protect the earth by unleashing bullet hell on the enemy. One other interesting fact is the 2001 title Ikaruga is its spiritual successor.

Is this a game you would like to see released on the Switch eShop eventually? Do you have any other Treasure games you would like to see ported across to Nintendo's hybrid device? Tell us below.

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