During the 'Kinda Funny Video Game Showcase' the developer Sabotage Games and publisher Devolver Digital lifted the lid on the next outing for The Messenger.

The 2D side-scroller inspired by the original Ninja Gaiden game will receive an entirely free DLC pack titled 'Picnic Panic' in 2019 that takes players on a trip to tropical paradise to defeat three bosses. Right now, there's no other information about this upcoming content pack other than the above trailer. Below is the confirmation tweet:

Not long ago, a quality of life patch was released for The Messenger. This added New Game Plus, a jukebox mode and the ability to remap controls. You can see it all in action in this video.

Are you excited about free DLC arriving for The Messenger at some point in 2019? Have you downloaded this game yet? Leave a comment below.

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