Yo Kai Watch 4 Image

Another day, another rumour. This latest one is somewhat different and arguably more believable, as it's not about a specific game series making its way across to the Nintendo Switch and the source is a Japanese media outlet rather than a random listing by a distributor or retailer.

The rumour stems from the delays of Yo-Kai Watch 4 and Inazuma Eleven Ares - two of Level-5's biggest projects in recent times. According to Nifty News via Nintendo Soup, a massive "employee exodus" may have recently taken place at the Japanese publisher and developer, resulting in a shortage of staff and the inability to release games on time. Unfortunately, no exact reason as to why staff have left has been provided. As this is the only source discussing the matter in Japan right now, it's being classed as a rumour.

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[source nintendosoup.com]