Flossdance Img

Yesterday, we found out Alfonso Ribeiro - who played Carlton Banks in the early '90s television sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - would be suing Epic Games for adding his character's dance move to its popular free-to-play multiplayer title Fortnite.

Ribeiro is not the first famous person to take legal action against the video game company now valued at $15 billion and he seemingly won't be the last, either. In the latest news, Backpack Kid - the self-proclaimed creator of the "Floss" dance - is the latest individual looking to make some extra money from this recent trend. The 16-year-old's mother and manager have filed a lawsuit on his behalf because they believe the game's developers are taking advantage of his success.

Like Ribeiro and the rapper 2 Milly, Backpack Kid is also in the process of copyrighting his dance move. When speaking to TMZ, Backpack Kid said the decision to take legal action wasn't motivated by money. In a previous interview in June, the boy said he was happy to be represented in the game, even if he wasn't credited.

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