You might have heard about the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate countdown currently taking place over on Twitter. With two days left, Nintendo has shared one of the most interesting pictures yet.

Below an in-game screenshot of Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising is a picture of an AR card compatible with the 3DS title from 2012. It's a card that was never officially released and discovered by hackers a number of years ago. The card is number 411 out of 412. Here are the official tweets:

For anyone who hasn't completed Uprising yet, there are end-game spoilers contained within the description of this card when it is scanned, so be careful. And in case you're wondering, we'll be doing a post about the Ultimate countdown closer to release.

Kid Icarus IMG 3

Will you be booting up Kid Icarus: Uprising on your 3DS while you wait for the release of Ultimate? Let us know in the comments.