Zen Studios is wasting no time putting its recently acquired Williams and Bally pinball licence to use. Following the arrival of Williams Pinball Volume One for Pinball FX3 in the first half of October, the developer has now confirmed it will add another three classic tables to the free-to-download game on 4th December.

The new tables include The Party Zone, Attack from Mars and Black Rose. Once again, this collection will set players back $9.99 / €9.99 / £8.99. Action cameras can now also be disabled and will be released alongside volume two. Below is the full rundown:

Just as Williams Pinball Volume 1 featured a dragon bursting to life (Medieval Madness) and a fisherman reeling ‘em in (Fish Tales), the remastered 1990s classics in Williams Pinball Volume 2 are enhanced in similar ways. In The Party Zone, host Captain B. Zarr comes to life as a 3D interactive character parading around on a giant rocket, while Attack from Mars fires missiles upon a flying saucer circling the playfield, thanks to the orders barked by a 3D-animated general. At the same time, Black Rose, Queen of the High Seas, captains her fully 3D-animated ship across a spinning globe as you loot a treasure chest and fire an interactive cannon. Of course, classic simulations are still available for anyone craving the most authentic arcade experience.

Disable forcefields, destroy spaceships and save the country!
Classic Table Features:
• Spell “MARTIAN” to start the Martian Attack.
• Initiate “Total Annihilation” to unlock a 4-ball multiball.
• Altered ball physics to simulate physical game play.

Remastered Table Features:
• Features a 3D flying saucer and Martian pilot.
• The attack is brought to life with themed side wall art.
• 3 missile launcher arrays with missiles.

Queen of the high seas, looting treasure chests and firing cannons – Oh, it’s the pirate’s life for me!
Classic Table Features:
• Open Davy Jones’ Locker to load the cannon!
• Full speed ahead into Pirate’s Cove to unlock multiball mode.
• Altered ball physics to simulate physical game play.

Remastered Table Features:
• Fully animated 3D pirate woman with a cutlass.
• A compass that tracks the ball around the table.
• Complete with an interactive 3D ball firing cannon.
• Added Black Rose logo sidewall art.

You are now escaping to a parallel universe that’s way beyond Wisconsin! Enter The Party Zone. Classic Table Features:
• Get ready to make your song request when prompted by D.J. Captain B. Zarr.
• Altered ball physics to simulate physical gameplay.

Remastered Table Features:
• An animated football makes a touchdown when the End Zone Bonus is collected.
• Captain B. Zarr’s 3D animated character rides on a rocket – rodeo style!
• We’ve made the party even more fun with themed wall art.

Not long ago, Zen Studios came under fire for censoring volume one of this same collection. You can read about this in the previous Pinball FX3 article.

Will you be buying volume two of this collection on release? Do you play Pinball FX3 on a regular basis? Tell us in the comments.

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