In what will come as a scary piece of news for avid amiibo figure collectors, it would appear that the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Piranha Plant amiibo is rapidly selling out in Japan.

Popular Japanese retailers, such as Amazon Japan, have already started to run out of stock of the figure for pre-orders, despite the fact that it won't be released until 15th February next year. According to NintendoSoup, this stock shortage extends to plenty of other Japanese retailers too, with Yodobashi Camera, Rakuten Books, AmiAmi, and HMV being among the places forced to scrap further pre-orders.

Whether this shortage is due to an incredibly high demand from consumers, or thanks to Nintendo simply underestimating said demand for this particular character, is unknown, but it does cause some concern for those of us hoping to grab the figure in the west. At present, our new Smash hero is still available to pre-order from a limited number of places (full guide here), but it's unclear just how long it'll remain available.

Other characters set to release on the same day - King K. Rool and Ice Climbers - haven't seen the same issues in Japan, indicating that this is specifically a Piranha Plant problem - which incidentally could be an excellent band name for anyone needing some inspiration. The figure is still yet to appear at places such as the Nintendo Official UK Store and Amazon, but we'd urge you to snap one up early when it finally arrives.

Are you an amiibo collector? Are you going for the full Super Smash Bros. set? Let us know with a comment below.

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