Mario And Rabbids

In October, Ubisoft's Nintendo Switch title Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was nominated for 'best game' at the British Academy Children's Awards alongside three PlayStation titles including Everybody's Golf, Frantics and Knack 2.

It appears Ubisoft's collaborative efforts with Nintendo have been worthwhile, as the title has now officially been awarded the 'best video game' at this year's BAFTA Children's Awards. Below is the announcement:

As we previously noted, plenty of love went into this title during development, as the game's director Davide Soliani has been a lifelong fan of Nintendo. You might even recall how he teared up at E3 2017 when Shigeru Miyamoto came out on stage to present the tactical turn-based RPG to the world.

Did you expect Mario + Rabbids to win this award? Have you played this game yourself yet? Tell us below.