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If there's one type of game the Switch needs more of, it's racing titles. While Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is arguably the only racer you need on Nintendo's hybrid device, if you're looking for something that can provide a more authentic racing experience, the options are few and far.

With arcade racers like Need for Speed on hiatus and more premium racing experiences tied exclusively to other platforms, the pickings for Switch owners are slim right now. Microids' Gear. Club Unlimited - originally released on mobile and then Switch - sits somewhere in between these types of games, serving up a casual arcade-like experience in the guise of a more serious racer. Ultimately, though, it falls short of matching the best racing sims on the market.

In a recent interview with Miketendo64, Gear.Club Unlimited 2 developer Yannick Berthier said how the team had listened to player feedback about the first game and made serious improvements to the cars and physics simulation in the sequel:

"We listened to what players had to say and aimed to create a far more realistic game. There is more subtlety, detail and individuality in the way the cars behave. Our car designers and engine programmers greatly improved our physics simulation in order to create sensations that would have been impossible in the first Gear.Club game."

Berthier went on to admit the team had "little idea" what Switch players wanted when they released the first game on the platform and said the feedback has helped them concentrate on providing the most advanced experience possible:

"To be honest, releasing the first Gear.Club Unlimited on the Switch was a leap into the unknown. We didn’t know if players would like our more motorsport-oriented approach to racing, on a console that is more used to playing cartoon/arcade-style games.

Their feedback was fantastic, however, which encouraged us to continue down this path. We, therefore, decided to concentrate exclusively on this platform to get the most out of it and give Switch players the most advanced experience possible."

Are you interested in playing more realistic racing games on your Nintendo Switch? Will you be picking up the Gear.Club sequel when it arrives on 4th December? Tell us below.