Redout IMG

With no signs of a new F-Zero game on the horizon, the upcoming anti-gravity racer Redout looks to be a promising alternative. After experiencing multiple delays on its way to Switch, the title was finally rated by the ESRB in September. So, what's the current status on development?

Speaking on Fragments of Silicon, 34BigThings representative Guiseppe Franchi said development was wrapping up and the release was up to the game's publisher. Here's the full update from Franchi, courtesy of Nintendo Everything:

Yes, very much (still in development). … It’s been long overdue and we know it. As I said before, it was challenging to bring this game on Xbox and PlayStation, so I’ll let you imagine how challenging it was to bring it on Nintendo Switch. But it’s still coming. We are in the process, we are in a very advanced… We’re very close to it. It’s coming.

The game is going to be published by Nicalis, so as for the release, I suggest you ask them. Not because I don’t want to talk or because I don’t know, but because it’s their job. … they’re doing their job perfectly well. From our end though, we’re wrapping things up.

Redout first arrived on multiple other platforms in 2016 and was well received. Other than F-Zero, the title has been compared to the WipEout series and is hoping to appeal to the same audience on the Switch as the likes of Fast RMX.

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