Redout has had a rather turbulent journey to Nintendo Switch; the anti-grav racer was initially announced for the console before it had even launched back in January 2017, going on to receive multiple delays which have left us without the game a whole year and a half later. It would appear that we're getting closer to an actual release date, however, as the game has now been rated by classifications board, ESRB.

In July, developer 34BigThings mentioned that the game was still on the way despite the delays, stating that it was "very close to announc[ing] something amazing about it". We haven't heard a great deal about the port since then, but hopefully this classification puts us one step closer to learning more.

Redout's ESRB rating

The game launched on other platforms in 2016, going on to receive 'very positive' user reviews on Steam and generating aggregated review scores of around 80%, and will no doubt be seen as another F-Zero Switch alternative in a similar vein to Fast RMX.

Are you still excited for this one? Will you pick it up when it does make it to the console?

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