Despite the fact 2018 is nearly over, there are plenty of publishers and developers in recent months who are still announcing their games will be arriving before the end of the year. It's arguably crazy, as this period is best known nowadays to be dominated by AAA industry releases.

The developer and publisher QUByte doesn't appear to be concerned about this, as it will finally release 99Vidas at the end of this month on 27th November. As we've noted on previous occasions, this is a 16-bit game created in conjunction with 99Vidas - Brazil's most popular video game podcast. The overall aim is to capture and recreate the magic of beat 'em up greats like Final Fight, Double Dragon, Battletoads, Golden Axe and Streets of Rage.

The Switch version will feature "exclusive" content, including an all-new arcade mode and all-new remix mode - along with new stages and enemies. It also caters to four players (local and online) and features multiple other options such as a story and survival mode. The trailer above is a good indication of what you can expect.

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