Back when licensed video games first caught on during the '80s and '90s, it wasn't just cartoons, comics and movies that were being adapted to the newest form of entertainment at the time, there were also games based on musicians. The most famous was Michael Jackson's Sega-developed title Moonwalker - requiring the player to execute signature dance moves to take down a variety of enemies while rescuing children at the same time. The king of pop undeniably had the biggest music game and essentially paved the way for more music orientated video game releases later down the line.

During this period when Moonwalker was at the top of the charts, there were many other musicians cashing in on the success of video games. Apparently, American rapper Vanilla Ice even had a game lined up. The YouTube channel GameBoyle - predominantly focused on Game Boy history - has posted a 10-minute clip about Vanilla Ice's unreleased Game Boy title originally known as Rap City.

At the height of Ice's career, THQ signed a deal with him to create a Game Boy game using his likeness. The developer behind the release was tasked with completing the game as soon as possible. Unfortunately, halfway through the creation of it, the team discovered it didn't legally have the rights to Ice's music. Despite this, work on the title continued until Ice's popularity dropped and the side-scrolling beat 'em up was then renamed Rap Quest, with Ice removed from it altogether. Surprisingly, development was actually completed - and even reached Nintendo for certification, but it didn't get released in the end.

For the full explanation on how it all unfolded, take a look at the video above - it's one heck of a story. The narrator even admits the ROM version of the game he was supplied with has grown on him. And now here's our excuse to post Vanilla Ice's most famous track: