There's been some serious doubt when it comes to companies trying to make cloud gaming on console devices a thing. Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot has previously mentioned the future of the video game industry is streaming. In saying this, if you don't have a top tier internet connection or live in a country with good net infrastructure like Japan, it's simply not viable. What about if you do, though?

YouTube channel The Famicast (based in Japan), has uploaded a review of the cloud version of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, claiming it's probably the only one you're likely to see in English because the game is "geo-locked" to Japan. So if you have ever had concerns about this newfangled cloud technology catching on, this video may just change your mind.

The reviewer goes as far as stating he's "kind of a believer" now, after spending around 20 hours in this streamable version of the game by Ubisoft. He's genuinely enjoyed his time and says the overall performance has been great. About the only downside is you're still pretty much grounded to home wifi for both the docked and portable play, and unless you have a decent cellular provider that can offer a stable connection, it's tough to play on the go. The summary is Ubisoft continues to show how and why cloud gaming is the future. Based on the overall streaming performance, the game is awarded a score of nine out of ten - so it's definitely playable if you live in the right location.

Check out the video review above and tell us if you've got any more faith in cloud gaming's ability to provide a stable experience in the future.