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Yooka-Laylee started out life on Kickstarter and went on to become the fastest video game project to hit $1 million on the crowd-funding platform. Following their first outing on the Switch and multiple other systems, the bat and chameleon are now ready for their next adventure. The only catch is it'll take on the form of a crowd-funded graphic novel.

Playtonic has given its "full blessing" to Dreamprism Press to write and illustrate a 120-page graphic novel about the wacky and wonderful adventures of the unlikely duo. Yooka-Laylee and the Kracklestone will take place after the original game. Here's the full description:

The story sees Yooka and Laylee plunged into a brand new secret tome world in a race against the evil Capital B to reach the Kracklestone, an ancient artifact fabled to grant its holder invincibility. To reach the treasure, they’ll run, swim, trip, tumble, and fly as they delve deep into the strange uncharted world. They will encounter friends, foes, and some in-between... including plenty of fan favorites from the game!

This new tome world, however, will see the duo facing their greatest challenges yet. Normally an asset, Yooka’s kind, heroic nature proves hazardous when his decision-making takes a few wrong turns. Will he learn to swallow his pride and call upon the help of others to reach the Kracklestone? Or, will his pride get the better of him? Only once Yooka learns to work together with his strange friends... and most of all with Laylee, will the duo stand a chance at saving the day.

For this graphic novel to go ahead, the Kickstarter needs to reach a target of $40,000 USD. The campaign will go live later today and will run until 16th November. A digital version of the graphic novel will set you back $15, a hand-sewn hardcover is $30, a Kickstarter exclusive edition is $50 and the limited Grand Tome Collector’s Edition is $75.

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Dreamprism’s D.M. Cumbo is handling the entire project and was previously an artist for Insomniac games - known for working on the PlayStation release Ratchet & Clank and the Xbox One title Sunset Overdrive. The graphic novel adaptation has reportedly been in the making for two years and will be the first in the Game Legends line of adaptations for Dreamprism. Below are some images of the Yooka-Laylee graphic novel:

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Will you be backing the Yooka-Laylee graphic novel on Kickstarter? Have you played the video game? Tell us in the comments.

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