Super Mario IMG1

Before Bowsette took the internet by storm, Mario's nipples were all the rage online. This obsession started when a Nintendo Direct prior to the release of Super Mario Odyssey last year showed the iconic mascot running about with no shirt on.

The sight of Mario's bare chest set the internet alight, resulting in plenty of conversation about the quality of his nips on social media platforms and how it was seemingly the first time fans had ever seen them officially on display within a game.

Now, a Twitter post from Supper Mario Broth is claiming this is, in fact, not the first time Mario's nipples have been displayed within a video game. According to the tweet, Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games - released a year earlier - contained a Miiverse stamp of Mario with no shirt on and his 1x1 pixel nipples on display. Take a look below:

How do you feel knowing that Mario has been seen bare-chested in a game prior to Super Mario Odyssey? Has this news rocked your world? What do you think about his pixel nips? Tell us in the comments.

If you aren't so interested in Mario's nipples and would prefer to hear more about Odyssey, be sure to take a look at the outfit added to the game yesterday.

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