NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is now available on the Nintendo Switch. In the lead up to its release, Saber Interactive said it was hoping to bounce back from the original NBA Playgrounds game which had an incredibly bumpy launch on the Switch.

To help recover from this troubled period, the original game (including the DLC) is now no longer able to be purchased from online digital stores including Nintendo's eShop on the Switch. There was no mention this would happen prior to the release of the sequel.

This decision seems like an easy way for 2K to redirect any potential buyers of the first game to the more expensive sequel - containing an updated roster, microtransactions and more. Users who have already bought the first game on the Switch will still be able to download the title.

How do you feel about no longer being able to purchase NBA Playgrounds? Did you expect something like this to happen given all the problems the original game had? Will you be picking up the sequel? Tell us in the comments.