Castlevania Symphony of the Night

As seasoned Nintendo fans, we can't help but feel a certain affinity for Konami's Castlevania series. While the franchise was never 'exclusive' to Nintendo hardware - the Famicom Disc System original was ported to the MSX a month after its release - it certainly found fame on it. The NES instalments created legions of fans and Super Castlevania IV on the SNES remains one of the console's highlights. Later on, the GBA and DS entries cemented the link between the vampire-hunting series and Nintendo.

However, Castlevania has never been exclusively a Nintendo offering and we've seen critically-acclaimed entries on rival machines, like Castlevania: Bloodlines / New Generation, Rondo of Blood and - of course - the near-legendary Symphony of the Night.

The latter two titles are being released in a double-pack on the PS4 at the end of the month, and for Nintendo fans who really want to play SotN for the first time, the news that this collection is a Sony exclusive is hard to take.

Sony has apparently contributed to the development of the pack, which pretty much removes any chance of a multiformat release. That has been all but confirmed now, as Konami has revealed to GameSpot that there are "absolutely no plans to bring the games to other platforms". Boo.

However, it turns out that this could be a blessing rather than a curse; Konami has also revealed that the version of SotN included in the pack will use the voice track and revised script created for The Dracula X Chronicles on the PSP; keen fans of the game will know this means the iconic exchange between Drac and Richter Belmont during the game's prologue is totally different, missing the famous "Miserable little pile of secrets" line.

While there will be improvements elsewhere that make this version of SotN a solid choice for newcomers, many diehard fans will prefer the original voice track. Perhaps at some point in the future, Konami will choose to release the Xbox Live Arcade edition - ported by Backbone Entertainment in 2007 - on the Switch eShop as a stand-alone release? Our fingers are crossed, because while the revised script is OK, Jeremy Blaustein's original is the one we all remember.