Japanese peripheral maker Hori is releasing a special Pikachu inspired D-Pad Joy-Con. Like the Mario and Zelda themed ones that arrived earlier in the year, this left-hand Joy-Con is limited to handheld use - as noted on the game's packaging. The price point is achieved by removing a number of features including Bluetooth, Gyrosensor, HD rumble a battery and the SL/SR buttons. For anyone interested, the Joy-Con is now available to pre-order for $24.99 from Amazon and will be available alongside Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! on 16th November.

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Last week, Hori revealed a brand new line of Switch accessories also releasing on the same day as the latest Pokémon games. There's a nice selection of items including protective covers, carry cases, game card holders and even a funky looking Poké Ball Plus charging station. Here's the full list of accessories available to order from Amazon Japan:

Do you like the look of Hori's Pikachu themed Joy-Con? Do any of the other Hori accessories interest you? Are you a fan of the D-Pad Joy-Con? Tell us below.

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