Nintendo has shared a new video to showcase the in-game treats players will get their hands on by scanning the upcoming Octoling amiibo into Splatoon 2.

The three-pack, which features Octoling Boy, Octoling Girl, and Octoling Octopus, is set to be available in the US on 7th December and in Europe slightly earlier on 9th November, granting fans special access to some stylish new gear. Befriending the Octoling Girl amiibo figure gets you the spellbinding look of the Enchanted gear, the Octoling Boy gives you the Steel gear, and last but not least, the Octopus amiibo rewards you with the Fresh Fish gear.

If you're wanting to have the freshest designs throughout Inkopolis (and some lovely new figures for your shelf at home, too) then make sure to grab the pack for yourself. Pre-orders are available from the Nintendo UK store here, or from Best Buy in the US here.


Do you plan on picking these amiibo up yourself? Are you still playing Splatoon 2 after the recent Nintendo Switch Online launch? Let us know below.

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