Forever Entertainment has revealed that the endless jumper Fly O'Clock is buzzing onto Nintendo Switch. The best news? The game's launching today (and tomorrow in Europe).

The game is said to be a "highly-addictive" arcade endless jumper, with a simple one-button control allowing anyone to pick up and play. As you can see in the trailer above, players must time their jumps to perfection, making sure they aren't wiped out by the ever-moving hands on each clock face. The faster you play, the quicker you'll earn points, but you'll also be taking a much higher level of risk.

You essentially jump between four designated points, so it looks like you'll soon get used to where you character will land. From there, it's a case of analysing the hand movements on the fly. As you might expect from and endless-style game, your main objective is to jump your way to the top of the leaderboards.

- 16+ characters to unlock
- 5+ watches to jump on
- 15+ hats to try on
- Ultimate Rock & Roll soundtrack!
- One-touch controls
- Brand new jumpy gameplay

The game is available to download from today in the US, and launches tomorrow (26th October) in Europe. At the time of writing, the game is still yet to go live on the store - we'll update this post with pricing info when possible.

Do you like to aim for the top of the leaderboards? Does this look like the sort of game that could have you hopelessly addicted, trying to best your score? Let us know below.