In what is quite an unusual turn of events, Switch fighter One Strike has been removed from the eShop in Japan (with a worldwide takedown set to follow) due to a copyright infringement.

Currently, heading to the game's Japanese store page simply shows an error, stating that “this software is currently not available", (thanks, Japanese Nintendo). As it happens, the game's removal has actually been issued by its publisher QubicGames' request after the studio became aware of a music copyright issue.

QubicGames has since said that “the developer of the game [Retro Reactor] paid a composer for the music. Both the developer and we, the publisher, were convinced that this track is an original work”. It appears that this particular composer - who has not been named - has plagiarised the work of the Famicom game Mouryou Senki MADARA.

We've included links to both pieces of music for you down below; as you can see, to describe the act as 'plagiarism' would actually be putting it lightly - it sounds like it was literally uploaded from the original's soundtrack.

QubicGames has gone on to say that that it is “preparing and releasing a new version of the game with another track as soon as possible”. Hopefully, the game won't be missing from the eShop for too long before it's back with a fresh, and authentic, track in place of the offender.

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