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Arcade, Fighting, Party
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  • 8th Jun 2018, $4.99
  • 8th Jun 2018, £4.49

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    Live By The Pixel Sword, Die By The Pixel Sword

    With such distinct historical richness it's no shock popular culture has embraced Japanese samurai mythos over the years, including, of course, video games. Samurai Shodown wasn't the first game to take on the subject, but it certainly was the most successful at bringing samurai duelling to the tip of...

About The Game

Become the deadliest fighter in a vintage Japan!

Only one strike settles the duel, master the fighting style of each warrior to outsmart your opponents.

Challenge your friends or the AI in easy, medium or hard mode.

6 fighters in medieval Japan:

  • Kenji the honorable samurai and his katana
  • Hinode the ninja striking her Sai weapons at the speed of light
  • Soujirou the monk wielding his long-range Nodashi
  • Hangaku the fastest girl in the East with her Kusarigama
  • Bai Long the Chinese veteran and his proud Kwan dao
  • Tomoe the killer with her sharp Wakizashi