Billy Mitchell

It's not been the best of times for Billy Mitchell, one of the most famous high score-chasers the gaming industry has ever known. Earlier this year, video game records organization Twin Galaxies stripped Mitchell of his high scores following allegations that he had used emulation to achieve them.

Since then, Mitchell has talked at various gaming events and attempted to clear his name, with the most notable defence coming earlier this year at the 2018 Southern-Fried Gaming Expo in Atlanta, where he spent over an hour refuting the claims against him.

At the conclusion of the talk, Mitchell stated his intention to reclaim his score at a future gaming event:

I’m gonna do the exact [‘Donkey Kong’] score and just let the game die. 'You mean you’re not going to go higher even if you can?’ No. Why? Cause I’m Billy Mitchell.

It would seem that the hot sauce entrepreneur is staying true to his word, as Isaiah 'TriForce' Johnson - he of the Nintendo Power Glove fame - has seen the Donkey Kong cabinet that Mitchell is using to perform this feat.

Johnson has travelled from his home in Jamaica to the US to attend the annual International Video Game Hall of Fame which takes place this weekend in Iowa, and is attending the show alongside Mitchell.

In the video above, Johnson investigates the Donkey Kong cabinet Mitchell is apparently using, which has a piece of paper with which says '1,062,800' - Mitchell's previous high score which was recorded on July 24th, 2010. The cab also has a sticker which says 'Not MAME' on it.

Screen Shot 2018 10 04 At 09.44.55
Screen Shot 2018 10 04 At 09.45.21

Mitchell himself does not appear in the video. As Johnson notes, Mitchell has been streaming his attempts on Twitch, and has already chalked up several million-point games. His most recent attempt took place in August at Tappers Arcade, where he managed 1,047,500 points. At the conclusion of the video, the cabinet's back is removed so that the original arcade board can be seen inside - Mitchell's clearly not taking any chances these days.

Would any high score organisation accept a new entry by Mitchell? Twin Galaxies has already banned him from submitting any future scores, so perhaps he intends to match the score at a live event and walk away?

Whatever Mitchell has planned, King of Kong 2 is practically writing itself at the moment.